Safe Space Weekend Fall 2019

The 3rd Safe Space Weekend is upon us, and we are back for our 2nd Annual Safe Space Weekend in Columbus, Ohio!

The Safe Space Weekend is rooted out of Trey’s Safe Space Group, for LGBTQ persons to come together, share our stories and our experiences. At our first two weekends, we designed the house we stayed in together for those who have been married in hetero-normative relationships and then came out of the closet.

When I came out, I didn’t know anyone who had been through the same thing I had. Since then, I’ve talked to tons. I realized I wasn’t alone and that this happens to people all the time.

We want to continue in that tradition to allow this to be a safe space for those stories, but for anyone else who is LGBTQ as well. All are welcome! It is a great time for us to share stories and find solidarity with those who have been through a similar thing together.

Our first two weekends have both been sold out, so sign up as quickly as you can.


The Columbus Safe Space Weekend will start on the afternoon of Friday, November 15th, until Sunday afternoon/evening, November 17th, in Columbus, Ohio.

The Salt Lake City Safe Space Weekend will be taking place December 13th until Sunday, December 15th. Details will come to you after the registration.

Click on the Safe Space PLUS Weekend to register. The cost is $300 to be a part of the event, which includes both nights stay at the house we will be at together. Looking forward to a great weekend together!

Join Trey’s Safe Space Facebook Group (Closed Group for Privacy).

Trey’s Safe Space is a place for LGBTQ persons and allies to talk about our journeys, and to be vulnerable with our stories and our questions without fear of judgment. Whether from a religious background or not, this group is dedicated to being a safe space for all walks of life to share their journey, and all are welcome.

You can join the Trey’s Safe Space Facebook Group by going to the link below. It is a closed group, which means no one will see that you are in the group if they are not in there. You can also catch Trey on his Safe Space Tour, or take part in one of his Safe Space Weekend events. Check the tour dates here on the website for continual updated shows.


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